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Decorating & project consultation

Meeting with you in your home is the best place to discuss your wants and needs for the space you’d like my help in redesigning, this way I can get to know you and your lifestyle better. Whether your life involves a house full of kids and pets or is a cozy space for one, I’m looking forward to getting to know you! 


I’ll take notes and photos of your space and send you a summary of my ideas including a storyboard of the style, and color you’re working towards. You’ll get suggestions of furnishings and accessories and where to purchase them.


You can use these ideas to complete the space yourself or go one step further and have me create digital renderings to visualize your end result!


Digital renderings

What better way to see the end result before making expensive decisions!  Most people can't envision a new wall color, tiles, furniture layout, a wallpapered room, or new kitchen cabinets. Seeing it before investing gives you the reassurance that you're making the right choice or maybe one you'd never considered!

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