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There are many great companies who can bring in a crew and paint every surface of your home in a few days but my specialty is tackling one space at a time! More than 20 years of painting homes has taught me that I excel at taking my time to work meticulously and to treat your space (and pets) as thoughtfully as I would my own.

Some of my clients have me work on touchups and refreshing walls using their existing color scheme but others appreciate that their painter is also a decorator and take the opportunity to have me to choose new colors for their home.

Painting a New Wall_edited.png
Spacious Living Room
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Modern Interior Design

Choosing your paint color

Finding the right color for your space is crucial in achieving the right feeling in your home. There are many things I will take into consideration to find your color palette from looking at your wardrobe, to talking about colors you've considered trying out or even simply how much or how little light comes into your space. This service is included if I'm painting your space otherwise it can be added as a separate service.

Paint Finishes

Paint finishes are something that can add subtle texture and dimension to a wall like nothing else. They can be aged patina in a brand new space or remind you of traveling to places like Morocco where every surface is unique. 

What used to be called "faux finishing" when it was popular in the 80s like wallpaper was, has become something sophisticated and beautiful to add to your walls. It can be tone on tone or include different colours, make a space feel light and airy or dark and moody.

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