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Decorating for fall

Outdoor spaces are normally featured and photographed during the summer when plants and flowers are in their prime. I had the chance to visit this beautiful home during the fall and I realized how much depth and texture a space can have at that time of year.  Living in the city, we don't often have the chance to have an outdoor space. We crave our urban setting but also need to have a connection to nature somehow.

Mireille and Daniel have been living on the first floor of this 1910 6-plex in the southwest of Montreal for 25 years now. While they've seen the neighborhood change around them, they have also built themselves a beautiful oasis in their backyard.

Once all the plants have changed color with winter on it's way, they can be given a new life like in this floral arrangement. The hydrangea with it's green and beige hue look great when paired with these browned ferns especially when featured in this vintage cast-iron vase.

Since they have a balcony above theirs, Mireille and Daniel decided to close in their balcony creating a three season shelter from the elements and a charming spot to read. When reading at night, there are candles in charming candle holders hung on the brick wall.

Black is featured prominently throughout this outdoor space, here Mireille chose to use 2 styles of black cushions on the wicker chairs. Using a dark shade allows all of the rusty colored leaves, plants and the brick wall to stand out.

Along the brick wall, they've created an outdoor kitchen by putting a prep space next to their barbecue and hanging their collection of cast iron pots and pans. A black canvas canopy has been hung to protect the chef against the rain or strong sun.

Ornamental cabbage is great for fall decorating and there are a few pots of it around this garden. It's a plant that thrives in cooler weather and stays green as other leaves and plants change color around it.

When you're sitting outside surrounded by ferns, potted plants and vines you could be anywhere. It's peaceful and you're pretty undisturbed except for a local cat stopping by to visit now and then.

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