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Discovering Newfoundland

I had wanted to visit Newfoundland for many years. I heard so many amazing things about the place from friends and family so last June I decided to travel there on my own. I flew into St.John's (pictured above) and spent a few days there before beginning my solo road trip.

Saint John's is such an interesting city where the landscape is filled with brightly painted wood-clad row houses. It is also built on the sloped hills surrounding the port which makes a great walking city for the views and exercise!

As soon as I left the city of Saint John's, the landscape began to change and become more rugged and picturesque. The seaside towns were so charming and inviting.

Some villages were densely built in the harbors, and some on cliff tops.

There is something so sweet about seeing laundry hanging on clotheslines here with the blowing grass and ocean as a backdrop. Each picture I took looked like a painting, this one feels like oil on canvas. I'm a sucker for weathered rustic buildings and peeling paint, I knew I would get my fill on this trip!

I came across this boarded up home when I took a wrong, it was a chance meeting.

One of my stops along my drive was Elliston which is known as the root cellar capitol of the world. In the past, many Newfoundlanders preserved their harvest and preserves in these amazing places that they dug out of hillsides.

Even though some of the landscape here reminded me of the Highlands of Scotland, Newfoundland had such a unique feel to it. The weather became dark and stormy several times throughout my trip which just added to the character of the scenery.

The weather can be quite windy and harsh at times which is what makes the landscape so rugged and covered in strange types of moss and petrified trees. I witnessed three seasons in one day!

The coastline I drove along was mostly rocky and steep like this one. The rocks were so many beautiful beautiful rusty colors and the water so many colors of blue.

When I stayed in Twillingate, I took an Iceberg and Fish n' Chips boat tour. It was such an amazing afternoon out on the water. It's hard to describe what it's like to be this close to Icebergs except incredible and haunting!

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