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Wool stockings

This past summer I found an antique wool blanket at a yard sale. It was in pretty good shape overall but it had some holes and repairs done over the years. I didn't see it being used on a bed or couch because of the damage it had but when winter came around I knew what I was going to use it for!

I had wanted to make new Christmas stockings for a few years and now I had found the inspiration. I loved the fringe on the blanket and could see it used as the trim on the stocking. I traced an old stocking I had onto a piece of cardboard and used it as a template on unbleached cotton canvas. Here's a great tutorial I used to make the stockings that helped me figure out how to line them. I had considered embroidering our initials but thought it might take away from the texture of the wool so I chose instead to hand paint them using fabric paint.

We don't have a fireplace mantle in this home so we came up with a create way to display our new family stockings, an old ladder! I love how these turned out and now we'll have them for years to come.

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