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Powder room gets the Marrakech treatment!

My client's newly built home was just about finished, they had chosen to keep the walls mostly white throughout the living spaces but decided to go with this stunning marble for their small entrance powder room. Not only was the marble used for the sink but it was also used half-way up the wall behind the toilet for impact on both ends of the space.

They wanted to add color and texture to the walls to compliment the beautiful pink and beige tones in the marble they had chosen and asked if I would do a plaster finish on the walls. There were many images saved of plastered Tadelakt style walls over the years, they had wanted to have in their home for a long time now and this was finally the right space to try it out! While I've worked on several types of wall finishes, I hadn't used the product they had purchased before but it turned out to be fantastic to work with.

Marrakech Walls by Pure and Original in a pinky-beige color "Old Romance" is the product they went with, It's a 2-step process where you first apply their tinted primer called Wallprim that coats and seals the wall underneath and allows the plaster-paint top coat to adhere to it. There's a great instructional video on their website that shows each of these steps.

After the primer is dried now comes the fun part, first the plaster-paint gets rolled on in a thickish way and after it sets for a few minutes, you drag their specialized light-weight flat trowel/spatula over top to flatten out some of the higher areas. The process is the same going across the whole wall, roll a small area of paint, wait and flatten until you're happy with the result. Once it's dry you can sand some areas to make them more velvety or burnish or make others more shiny by dragging the trowel across. The last optional step was to seal the plaster since it will be a high traffic area which gives it more durability and depth called Dead Flat Eco Sealer.

And here's the soft velvety finished results!

All the bronze details stand out so much now and are such a beautiful contrast to the soft pink tones.

I think if we had gone with a taupe/beige painted walls it would have done the trick to bring out the beautiful marble BUT now the walls are a thing of beauty too!


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