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I specialize in custom interior decorating, and have a background in art, graphic design and photography.  My goal when working with clients is to create a space that will suit their lifestyle and at the same time bring out the best features in their home. While I do have my own design aesthetic, you'll notice that the spaces I work on reflect the home owners that occupy them rather than only my own taste in particular.

When I was a kid, I loved helping my parents paint and decorate the new home they bought and since it was the 80s, it involved wallpaper and coordinating paint in every room! After school art classes kept me busy and when I wasn't doing that I was spending time at my cottage with my family enjoying the rustic surroundings nature had to offer.

After studying illustration and design at Dawson College in my hometown of Montreal, my career took me through various industries. Graphic design at a weekly newspaper, and creating packaging for a toy company were my first two big jobs. I then made my way into the home fashion industry and worked as a product designer for bedding and other textiles. When I would research home and decorating trends for my work I realized that I really wanted to be on the other side, to be the person that was creating those spaces!

While I knew I loved homes and that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I wasn't sure exactly what would allow me to run my own business. I had considered becoming a real estate agent for many years and after I left my full-time design job I studied for and got my real estate licence.  After a few years of what ended up being more of my part-time pursuit, I realized that my heart just wasn't in it. I found myself far more interested in style and decor trends rather than real estate sales trends. I found work in painting and decorating and realized how much happier it made me to work with my hands.

After several years of working in the construction and renovation industry as a painter and decorator, I became the person a few contractors would call on to fix "deficiencies" in finishing when their clients just weren't happy with the quality of the work of some of their tradespeople. This is why when taking on decorating contracts I work best when I'm able to focus on one dedicated  space at a time as well as forming a trusting relationship with the homeowners I work with.


Get in touch!

If you'd like more information or have questions, please get in touch!  I'm based in Montreal for in person decorating projects but I'm available for remote consultations as well.

Keep up to date with my latest projects and ideas!

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