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Creating a gallery wall

My gallery wall was a project that came together over a few weeks, that is once I decided what images I wanted to hang. I had frames for some and others I needed to have framed or have a new picture mat cut.

The watercolor of a rural street scene was purchased by my great-aunt when she visited Mexico in the 1970s. She bought it from a street artist and had it framed. Beatrix Potter has been a favorite of mine since I was a child, her illustration style influenced my art and I've had this print of Peter Rabbit in every place I've lived since I was a kid. 

I found this antique watercolor country scene at a flea market a few summers ago. I kept it in it's original frame and mat that the artist had hand-drawn lines on. The photo of four children on a bench was one I've loved as far back as I can remember. It's of my mom in pigtails, her cousin to the left of her and two school friends. It was taken in Dunoon, Scotland where she grew up before moving to Montreal.

The watercolor illustration of dried corn was from my time in art school. It has always been one of my favorite pieces and an example of still life I loved to paint. This map came from an antique shop I visit now and then on the way to my cottage. I love the color scheme of soft blue with touches of red. When I did some research into the map, I found out that I had the second in a series of 4 maps called “the growth and development of America in maps”. It was illustrated by Karl Smith to demonstrate Linweave brand papers.

The portrait is a silk painting of my great-grandmother that her father had done while traveling through the Philippines around 1900. I've always loved it and wanted to hang it in my home. I found this watercolor pen and ink sketch of boats in Cape Cod at a yard sale, it's a place that my family have visited for years. I framed it in a distressed wood frame that I had picked up at a clearance sale at a frame shop. The last picture is a painting of coral that I got at a thrift shop, I liked the way the print was in a floating frame so the wall color shows through.


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