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Beverly Hills Wallpaper

Why not start with the bathroom when decorating a newly built home!

My clients purchased a newly built condo that spans 3 floors with a rooftop balcony. It's such a beautiful, modern and open space...the only problem is that they didn't know where to start decorating and painting since it was white top to bottom!

Here are some concepts I worked on before finally deciding on the famous Beverly Hills wallpaper my clients have loved for years.

I thought it would be a nice change to remove the builder basic rectangular mirror and add a framed round one with more style.  

We chose to pair the wallpaper with a dark teal that matched the darker leaves well, it was Behr Abysse. The color was so drastic when I started painting it over the white but I knew it was going to be an amazing transformation!

Before and after

The finishes they had already chosen were modern with clean lines.

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