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Discover what makes me a different kind of decorator!

"Tracy will quickly grasp your style and what would work best for your taste. She is also highly reliable and trustworthy. She was given the keys to the house and left it clean at the end of each working day. Her work is impeccable!"

Maya N.

"I had Tracy as my decorator and Marco as my contractor and they are a dream team. They are both highly invested in making their clients happy, they are easy and pleasant to work with and their work is impeccable. They are both perfectionists which is what you want when someone is renovating your home. They are completely trustworthy and it was never a question that we felt fine leaving them alone in the house.  Not only would I highly recommend them, I never want anyone else to work in our home!  We actually missed their company when they were done"

Colleen J.

"Tracy has a very particular ability to see things through other people’s eyes and bring out exactly what they are imagining even when they can’t quite articulate it themselves."

Michelle S.

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If we've worked together and you haven't had a chance to write testimonial you can send it  here!

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